About Us

Jase and Geri

August 20, 2006

We, Jase and Geri, have been married for 19 years now, we met in our senior year of high school way back in 1986. We have two sons Jacob (20) and Jordan (18). Yes, Jase and I started our family pretty young, a classic case of babies having babies, but looking back at all the challenges, celebrations, joys, and struggles we wouldn’t change it for the world.

We are now discovering how different life is without the kids in the house. No more homework, book reports, or deadlines; well, at least on a daily basis. No more toys, dirty socks and dirty dishes left around the house. No more driving all over town searching for school supplies for a project that is due the next morning. No more sleepovers, school fund raisers and school clothes shopping.

After 19 years with our boys, it is tough not having them at home, we truly miss hanging out together. Jacob left the “nest” in the fall of 2005 for UC Berkeley to study astrophysics and Jordan just left in the fall of 2006 for UC Santa Cruz to study marine biology, we couldn’t be prouder parents. We are so happy for them and somewhat a little envious of their “college life” that we never had the chance to experience.

Now what?

That is the question we are asking ourselves. Our whole adult life has been raising our boys and now, finally, it is our time, a weird and new concept for us. Still in our thirties, we are too young to become stagnant. Diving into work isn’t the answer for us either. So the question is, “what would we do if money was no object”? Well, we would travel the world, learn, and place ourselves in situations beyond our comfort zone. And that’s what we intend to do, even if money is somewhat an object we won’t let it stop us. So join us as we share our adventures and odd experiences as we set out on this new life, a life without kids in our home.

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