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February 8th, 2009 by gerirex


Every November I go to one of my favorite craft shows called Felt Club.  I have been going to this show for about five years now.  This year I picked up the cutest terrarium from Rad Megan as a Christmas gift for K.  I brought it home and fell in love with it. So, I decided to buy another one through Rad Megan’s online store.  Unfortunately she did not have any more of the glass globe terrariums, but I did find some glass globe terrariums at another online store.  Awwww the internets….

I have become completely obsessed with finding unique containers to plant my succulents.  For the past two weekends I have spent hours going through my house to find a new planters.  Ashtrays, trash cans, candle vases, the list goes on.  So, family and friends, guess what you are getting for your birthday this year!?!

It is fun and easy to plant your own terrarium:

1. First start with a layer of gravel; this provides good drainage.

2. Next a layer of soil; I used cactus mix, a fast draining soil that retains little moisture

3.  Then I added some colored sand.  I made the sand go up a bit more in the back to give it a more dramatic look.

Now if you say….”uh Geri, I don’t have time to vacuum, let alone plant terrariums”  well here are a few sites that you might be interested in:

Trend Living



I found the glass globes at:


Sprout Home

Click here for pictures of my little succulents…

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2 Responses

  1. Jacob

    Damn those things are cool! You’re getting good at making them mom! Now I want one…

  2. radmegan

    Hey great job on your terrariums. Those things do NOT ship well…. so I have not put them on my site, but great job on yours!!! keep up the good work!


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