Magic Castle

January 2nd, 2009 by gerirex

Magic Castle

Jordan Snodgrass hooked us up with tickets to the world famous Magic Castle, Located in Hollywood.   I have passed this mysterious castle during trips to Los Angeles for as long as I can remember.  You have to be a member or be invited by a member of the Academy of Magical Arts to get in.  Members include qualified magicians, movie producers, writers, magic historians or supporters of the Academy of Magical Arts.

There is a strict dress code at the Castle, with men having to a wear coat and tie and women formal evening wear.  We arrived around 5:30pm, but our dinner reservations were not until 8:00pm.  There were plenty of shows to catch before the “big show” after dinner, so we had a full evening ahead of us.

When you arrive,  you enter into an old Victorian library lined with dark oak bookshelves and red velvet interiors.  After checking-in at a small front desk you walk up to the magic owl on a bookshelf and say the magic words “open sesame.”  The bookcase opens to reveal short hallway to an elegant room with a large stone fireplace and a quaint bar.  Of course, before setting out to explore the castle, we ordered drinks.

We were surprised by how big the place was.  We started out upstairs, passed through the restaurant and down a long windy hallway.  The decorations reminded us of Disneyland.  Throughout the hallways there were small tables where magicians would sit and perform coin or card tricks close-up while you enjoyed  your drink waiting for a show to start.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect.  It could have been cheesy or even creepy.  But I was so wrong, the night ended up being incredible.  We saw awesome magic.   One of the shows we went to see was the close-up magic.  The theater only sat 20 people with a small stage which had a card table and three chairs.  There was stadium seating so everyone could see the magic up close.  Before the show started, the usher picked another woman and me to come sit at the table to be the magician’s assistants.  It was amazing.  The card tricks were unbelievable.  I was inches away from magician, Jon Armstrong, and I still couldn’t believe my eyes.  I was trying not to blink, but it did not matter, it was pure magic…tee hee.

It was a bit after midnight when we finally made our way back into the main lobby to sit and enjoy a “nightcap.”  We discussed the crazy tricks we had witnessed that evening.   Within a few minutes I noticed a guy standing behind Elvia listening to our conversation.  I said hi to him and Andrew invited him to sit with us. We all  strike up a conversation and he ended up being a magician.  David Cotelessa provided a great end to our evening by giving us an amazing private magic show.

Click here for pictures of that magic evening…

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