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December 31st, 2008 by gerirex

Tamales 2008

Hi Mom, it’s me Geri.

I wanted to tell you that Jase and I made tamales last night with the boys. You would have been so proud. Jase has been working hard to prefect the recipe for his Serrano Chili Cheese and Chipotle Chicken Tamales. Both turned out great! Dad would have loved it. We decided to roast the Serrano Chilies, which gave them a good “kick.” We also threw in some fresh corn for added texture. I wish you could try the Chipotle Chicken Tamales. We used a secret concoction of spices that gave it just the right flavor. Not to hot, yet not to mild. The boys are really becoming experts on their tamale wrapping, we made 25 pounds in only about four hours. Oh Mom, as soon as the steam comes out of the pot and fills my house with the glorious smell of fresh masa and chili, I am 13 again back at home trying so hard to spread the masa “just right” with one hand just like you use to.  I feel you.  I hear your sweet voice.  But somehow it rings so clear in my head during Christmas that I can feel you standing right next to me in my kitchen.  Thank you for teaching us this beautiful tradition.  I miss you.

Click here for pictures of Tamale making…

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