New York City, Day Six

October 19th, 2008 by Jase

New York City, Day Six

It was well after 11:00am before we finally woke up, which wasn’t enough sleep when you think about it.  We decided to take it easy.  Our plan was to visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art located on the East side of Central Park and then visit the Empire State Building as the sun was setting.

As we were walking along Central Park we realized that we had been in New York for six days and had yet to eat a hot dog.  We remedied that dilemma by getting some hot dogs at one of  the hundreds of carts that are scattered throughout the park. They were just what we needed on a cold morning.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is overwhelming, where does one start?  Examining all that the museum has to offer can easily take a week, but we only had a day.  We had to prioritize, so we decided to go on the hour long Collection Highlights Tour and make note of the exhibits that we wanted to go back and see in more detail.  The tour was great for first timers visitors like us and provided essential background information.  After the tour we only had an hour and a half to revisit the areas which we had marked.  Geri and I had wanted to revisit different areas so we split up.  I went to the Arms and Armor Exhibit and Geri visited the Gallery of French Decorative Arts and Jeff Koons on the Roof.  Simply amazing.  Once we met up again we realized that we had not given the museum its proper due and that we needed to plan another trip to New York just to visit it.

We walked back through Central Park for a bit and talked about all we had seen.  The Sun was about to set so we hailed a taxi and made our way to the Empire State Building.  It was obvious that they have been giving tours for a very long time.  Any major amuzement park would be jealous of their setup.  They efficiently loaded us onto the elevator and before we knew it we were off on the long ride to the top.  It was packed and freezing, but the views were stunning.  Stunning views are definitely a repeating theme on this trip.  We watched the Sun go down and before our eyes the city transformed into glowing sea of pinpoint lights.

Click here for pictures of our sixth day in New York City…

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  1. jsnod

    Sweet, did they have any Warcraft armor in the Arms & Armor Exhibit?

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